Booking Information

So you want to play at Common Grounds Meeting Hall? Here’s how you get started:

First, contact Andy Browne by email

and start the conversation.

Second, read the following and see if it works for you:

We are a small venue designed for acoustic music. The heart of our state of the art sound system is a Bose L1 Model 2 with twin B1 Bass Modules controlled by a sound board and audio engineer. Everything hooks into the stage snake by direct cable or DI box. The stage is small (7 x 14 ) so if you have too many band members and a full drum kit, you might not fit. We do not allow backlines, however a specialty amp with a headphone out jack plugged into our stage snake might work. Otherwise, any set up on the stage including effects boxes that we can plug into also will work. But have a discussion with Andy about your technical needs.

We split the gate (50/50) with the performer and we cover any comp and discount tickets from our 50%. No tip jars (that’s a bar thing, we are a music listening room) but we will help you sell your CDs and merchandise and we do not take a cut.

If you are in from out of town we can provide free overnight accommodations at the guest rooms at Barking Frog Recording Studio in El Jobean.

Sound check is promptly at 6:00 PM and stage time is 7:30 PM. We broadcast most shows on WKDW 97.5 FM and simulcast on

So if you are acoustic based and think you can fit in a 7 x 14 space, get in touch as we would love to have you come and perform.