Our Story

The Common Ground

A marriage of the Irish meeting halls of Dublin with the New York coffee houses of the 1960’s.

At night, it’s a small, 80 seat, intimate performance venue with a state of the art sound system for acoustic musicians, poets, comedians and performers. Expect great music from top name, touring and local talent, along with gourmet coffee and stale donuts.

During the day, it’s a meeting hall for a wide range of community and civic groups, educational classes and conferences.

And once a month, we will be putting up the silver screen for first run, independent films.

Tickets range from $10.00 to $30.00 on formal performance nights and are by advance reservation and at the door. Seating is limited for each performance so reservations are strongly recommended. Top name performers will also be live cast on our You Tube subscription channel.

Reserve a Will-Call ticket with an email to tickets@commongroundshall.com or purchase an advance ticket online.

“The Law forbids the man or woman to steal the goose from off the Common,
But lets the greater felon loose to steal the Common from the Goose.”